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Spring boxes Spring boxes

Spring Box isolators are used as anti-vibration and shock-absorbing to protect equipment or machines. Socitec prides itself on offering these Spring Box isolators which contain a combination of highly resistant coil springs and SOCITEC’s Polycal® wire-rope isolators. These spring box isolators come in four different models; BRR BRB, BRR, BRS.

BRR Model (Housed spring unit mount) has limited movement during start-up and shut down, sound waves isolation, 50% overload capacity. Other models almost have the same features such as being easy to mount, no ageing, corrosion-resistant, wide range of temperature, exceptional adaptability, and much more. You can always request your special model (materials, size, and interfaces). Download the technical specifications below to select the best Spring Box isolator today that satisfies your needs.

Equipment, frames and bases can be suspended with spring boxes using two methods:

  • Active isolation (isolates vibrations generated by suspended equipment): mostly employed in factories and the metal transformation industry. Contemporary suspensions of turbines, pumps, ventilators and power generators are based on the same principle as spring boxes used to isolate jackhammers and presses.
  • Passive isolation passive (isolates vibrations transmitted to suspended equipment): to protect sensitive equipment and foundations from disruptions in the immediate area, e.g. generated by industrial machines or traffic. This type of protection can even be employed to counter the impacts of earthquakes and aerodynamic forces due to wind.


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