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Elastomer mounts

Elastomer mounts are widely used to filter vibrations of a level that is insufficient to overcome a wire rope isolator’s dry friction component. They are particularly effective for isolating solid-borne sound transmitted by rotating machinery (generators, pumps, motors, compressors, turbines, fan units, etc.).

Important information on elastomer

Application of viscoelasticity.
Elastomers are sensitive to environmental conditions (e.g. temperatures >70°C, presence of corrosive fluids or gases such as acids, bases, oils, petroleum, ozone and chlorine). These conditions significantly accelerate the ageing and degradation of the material. They can also accentuate creeping (deformation that affects material subject to a constant constraint).


Elastomer mounts for transport are devised to isolate shocks and vibrations from 4 Hz. Socitec offers four types of transport elastomer isolators...
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Marine elastomer mounts are designed for the Navy to provide multi-directional isolation of shocks and vibrations for naval activities. Socitec produces five specific ranges...
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Composites have become increasingly light and effective in recent years making them ideal for a range of applications. Modern vulcanisation and elastomer/metal bonding processes guarantee mass-produced products of exceptional quality. Exacting quality control results in precise, uniform components.
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