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Special transport

Large-scale transport of antennas in Chile

Socitec participated in transporting antennas to be installed in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The international project involved several partners including ESO (European Organisation for Astronomical research in the Southern Hemisphere).

The antennas were partly manufactured in France and had to be transported to South America without encountering any issues that might damage them.

Socitec participated in the secure transportation and the logistics by designing suspensions and positioning them on the lorries.

The company’s mission was to verify that installation was in conformity and to carry out measurements during the entire journey, from France to Chile, based on a modelling of the lorries, their load and rolling.

Every kilometre covered was scrupulously monitored by the team of engineers working on the mission, right up to the last metre. The entry to the base stretched over a 13-kilometre, potholed track. Our engineers controlled the drivers’ speed to avoid any risk of damage to the equipment.

Vibration measures on the Soyouz transportation platform

Socitec was involved in qualifying material used to transport the Soyouz rocket head to its launch base in French Guiana.

The transportation of these highly technical, strategic parts requires true expertise. Specific skills are needed to ensure the security of the equipment during transportation and loading.

Thanks to Socitec’s long-standing experience of very specific aerospace projects, it designed the transportation trailer and monitored towing trails in Guiana. It was responsible for monitoring, controlling and validating the maximum acceleration levels, recording the trailer’s reactions to the road and the trailer’s general behaviour.

This exceptional mission in terms of technicity and commitment required the presence of a Socitec engineer to record and measure vibrations during journeys between sites.