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Protection of embarked equipment

Different equipment is installed under trains, like geolocation tags, brake systems and compressors: these devices are crucial for the vehicle’s operation and to deal with traffic management issues. Because the equipment is subject to significant vibrations, especially when mounted on bogies, isolators are indispensable to ensure effective operation with maximum lifespan.

Reduced railway noise for neighbouring residents

In partnership with Schrey&Veit, which designs broadband dynamic vibration absorbers, Socitec offers solutions to reduce the noise emitted by railway tracks, wheels and even bridges.

The rail absorbers are approved by the SNCF and the wheel absorbers equip the tramway in the town of Orléans.

In the summer of 2017, metal bridges at Versailles Chantiers station just outside Paris were equipped with dynamic vibration absorbers to reduce their low-frequency noise emissions.