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Suspension of medical equipment for multi-site transportation

Transportation of medical equipment requires delicate handling given the high cost of machines and their ultimate utilisation.

Isolators proved the perfect solution for suspending mammography examination tables that needed to be transported to several locations in Europe.

Socitec was involved in the design , validation testing and delivery of these technical tables to hospitals and radiography centres.

To protect the highly fragile equipment, Socitec devised packaging and came up with a special system to isolate it from shocks and vibrations during transportation.

The packaging design needed to support the table on a pallet, and filter vibrations and shocks in line with previously established specifications. A number of constraints also had to be considered: dimensions compatible with road transport, movements of the platform, easy integration, and all within a defined budget.

The process involved measuring the mass and inertia of the table, verifying its compatibility with the suspension, designing the suspension chassis, producing a prototype and performing qualifications (drop, endurance and vibration tests), before the suspension system could be validated.