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Reduced shock and vibration from industrial presses  and forging hammers

Shock and vibration generated by presses, forging hammers, and other equipment in workshops can trigger numerous issues :

  • Disturbance of employee due to shock, vibration, and noise
  • Disturbance of neighbors due to shock, vibration, and noise
  • Interference with the operation of common workshop equipment, such as machining centers and metrology equipment

Integrating and isolation solution into the installation of presses and hammers can help protect the environment from the dynamic forces generated by the equipment.

750 kilojoule Forging Hammer Successfully Isolated

The large forging hammer shown in the photo had destroyed an older isolation system after 6-7 years. The vibration from the hammer on the previous system was also disturbing the factory neighbors over a block away. Due to the rapid failure of the previous system, and high vibration levels, the customer ordered one of our MRM isolation systems.

MRM Isolation system elements posses the following key characteristics :

  • Superior dynamic response to shock forces
  • Predictable stiffness characteristics
  • Increased durability and longer life
  • Faster, easier installations

After reinstalling the hammer on our MRM system, vibration levels were reduced to the point where the company president could not detect the operation of the hammer in his office.


Socitec’s products are also present in the audiovisuel field.

The wire rope isolators are used to stabilize the camera when she is moving to obtain a stable image.