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Embarked electronics

Extended lifespan of embarked equipment in trains

Geolocalisation tags can be installed on the spark plugs or over the wheels of a train. They then record the vehicle’s data and transmit the train’s position in real time. These tags play a strategic role in traffic management problems by anticipating any incidents or delays.

Since spark plugs generate very significant vibrations, it is indispensable to install isolators, which ensure maximum lifespan for the tags and prevent the casing from deteriorating.

SYMOS, dynamic modelling of equipment’s reaction to seismic waves

To produce suspensions for wire rope isolators on a surge arrestor in seismic conditions, Socitec employed SYMOS software to model equipment mounted on isolators, represented by elastic liaisons with properties of stiffness and non-linear isolation.

SYMOS software can be used to integrate different types of isolation model (viscous, dry rubbing, structural, etc.) to obtain highly elaborate models.