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Socitec accompanies high-tech sectors and develops unusual solutions to meet the challenges they face.

Australian submarines

Socitec successfully developed a total protection system for electronic submarine equipment. In the case of an external explosion or violent shock, Socitec© isolators act like a car airbag to maintain intact the technical potential of the submarine.

Socitec has also developed a protection system for military personnel working on these submarines. If a shock occurs, an “isolator floor” works like an anti-shock mattress to protect staff onsite.

Protection of equipment in shelters

Socitec has equipped army shelters containing electronic systems, including for gas detection and radioactivity, to protect them against shocks and vibrations occurring during transportation.

Our engineers carried out a series of tests including vibration levels, shock and drop simulations, taking into account specific defence standards like MIL-STD-810. Integrated isolation solutions were specifically developed in line with environmental constraints and the operational requirements of the field.

Solutions against shock waves caused by underwater explosions

Military vessels are subject to numerous external and internal vibrations that can impact the efficiency of their equipment and sensitive material, such as embedded electronics, radars, motor and rudder controls. Underwater explosions can cause significant damage when they are transmitted through the boat hull. To protect the operations of the anti-missile launch platform of a US Navy vessel, Socitec used its SYMOS software to develop a shock wave protection system that maintains the effectiveness of critical military equipment.