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Secure installation of scaffolding on historic buildings thanks to multi-directional isolators

Socitec worked on the renovation of the Pantheon Dome in Paris. The historical structure of the building, which is extremely fragile, made it impossible to install regular scaffolding. Our teams therefore developed a special system to install scaffolding weighing 400 tonnes, with no anchoring.

To make sure that pressure from wind gusts did not strain the dome and damage it, Socitec installed two crowns of 64 cable isolators resting on the building. These multi-directional isolators were attached to chocks connected to each other by a metal cable surrounding the dome.

The isolating system ensured that force generated by the wind was evenly distributed around the circumference.

To complete the installation of its isolating system, Socitec monitored the changes in vibrations using pressure meters installed at several places between the chocks and isolators. This monitoring was used to check that the forces transmitted did not exceed those calculated in simulations carried out using SYMOS software.

Protection of a hospital from helipad vibrations

Frequent helicopter landings on hospital roofs can damage the building’s structure over the long term, and generate sound nuisance for care workers and patients.

To tackle these issues, Socitec carried out a series of on-site measurements to define the most suitable isolating system for Montbéliard Hospital.

Belfort-Montbéliard Hospital: the solution was defined in partnership with the project manager, and spring boxes were supplied. An experimental modal analysis was carried out on a 375-tonne suspended surface to verify whether it corresponded to the technical specifications of the isolation system.