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Our Services

Socitec brings you comprehensive technical assistance to guide and advise you on improving the quality and lifespan of your products, seismic qualification, and preparing and carrying out test campaigns.

Our shock and vibration expertise

When in operation or during logistic activities, equipment is subject to constant vibrations that can reduce its lifespan and make it less effective. Our engineers have developed extensive expertise on the fatigue and changes endured by products over time.

Socitec’s engineers have developed extensive expertise on protecting equipment and estimating its lifespan.


Overall analysis and simulation of the structure’s behaviour


Establishment of technical specification of requirements and feasibility study


Choice of the most suitable technology, geometrics, standard or special model


Final simulation of the proposed solution and any validation tests on prototypes


Qualification tests conforming with civil and military standards

From development… to qualification

SYMOS dynamic simulation


SYMOS is a software package developed by Socitec devised to model the linear and non-linear shock and vibration behaviour of mechanical systems. It integrates different types of damping models (viscous, dry friction, structural, etc.) to obtain detailed modelling.

SYMOS can be used at every stage of a project, from sizing as part of the tender process, to validating solutions for qualification.

Calculation with the finite element method – Sizing

Calculation with the finite element method – Sizing


For its designs, Socitec also uses the reference software programs ANSYS and SOLIDWORKS to model and size structures.

ANSYS is a reference tool employed by our engineers to design and produce metal structures in static and dynamic fields (shocks and vibrations).

On-site measurements


Our technical department is equipped with all of the necessary means to both diagnose customers’ problems and confirm our solutions on site:

  • 12-channel mobile acquisition system (shock & vibration measurements, modal analysis)
  • Shock, pressure & temperature data loggers (specifically for monitoring transport of fragile equipment

We are proud to export this approach to other countries through our engineers, whose work goes as far as making surveillance measurements during high-risk transportation.

Laboratory measurements


To develop new products, Socitec also possesses the expertise and means to carry out comprehensive testing in its laboratories:

  • 150 KN static testing press and 10 KN dynamic hydraulic jack (mechanical characterisation, fatigue)
  • 10 KN dynamic hydraulic jack: mechanical characterisation, endurance
  • Modal analysis
  • Shaker unit: vibration and shock tests


Socitec trains and guides its customers to help them determine the most suitable solutions for their specific situation.

We carry out training sessions at our premises in Sartrouville on:

  • How to use our SYMOS software program
  • Shock and vibration theory
  • Sizing and calculation