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Isolate and protect
Our technical solutions for
shock and vibration 

About Socitec

Socitec specialises in shock and vibration protection solutions for multiple applications in demanding environments. Fifty years of skills-building and experience enable us to offer a range of isolators and a comprehensive worldwide service for dealing with shock and vibration.

Our expertise

Solving shock and vibration issues involves first analysing the dynamic phenomenon as a whole, then determining the causes and interactions, and optimising and justifying the sizing of the solutions.

This comprehensive approach, which Socitec has always practised, was developed using design and process tools with expert handling in terms of technical aspects, quality and product range.

We have thus acquired excellent control of our product range and sound knowledge of applications from a database featuring thousands of cases. We can rapidly come up with effective isolation solutions to deal with shocks and vibrations.

Thanks to the practised expertise of our technical department, Socitec can come up with products that closely match specifications:

  • Reinforced wire rope cables made of steel or non-magnetic materials, aluminium jumper straps, stainless steel, reinforced protection
  • Specific coil arrangements: shape, number, dimensions
  • Calculation and geometry of elastomers, selected materials
  • Hybrid solutions combining cables and elastomer
  • Creation of interfaces, integration into assemblies: rack mounts, cabinets, complex systems

Development of customized solutions




At Socitec, we possess cutting-edge expertise in shock and vibration engineering for domains including defence, aeronautics, space and nuclear. We devise solutions that correspond to our customers’ constraints, specific environments and problems.

From designing products to optimising structures, we conceive and apply precise specifications for equipment subject to the most demanding vibrations, seismic waves, and shocks.

Fields of application

With more than 50 years’ experience, Socitec has made its mark as an expert capable of solving shock and vibration challenges, including the most complex applications in the most sensitive sectors.

Examples of applications :

  • Sensitive equipment such as electronics onboard ships and vehicles, as well as protection of mobile shelters from explosive blasts
  • Seismic protection of a storage pool of nuclear fuel rods
  • Protection of mobile ground support equipment for transporting and handling jet engines, satellites, and spacecraft
  • Shipping containers for missiles and torpedoes
  • Generator, pump, and compressor isolation
  • Chimneys using tuned mass damper to avoid wind-induced resonance
  • Air conditioning unit isolation in the international space station
  • Seismic protection of surge arresters, circuit breakers, and other substation equipment

Socitec group






Appreciated and recognised by major companies, Socitec is today an international group with a presence on every continent. Our solutions range from passive isolation of embedded sensitive materials to seismic protection for nuclear fuel storage pools, and suspension of missiles in their transport containers. All are designed to correspond to the specific standards applicable in each country. Socitec is present in the United States through its subsidiary Vibro/Dynamics.

Latest news

Eurosatory exhibition 2020


The Socitec group will be present at the Eurosatory land and airland defence and security exhibition in Paris from the 8th to the 12th of June 2020. Socitec is a global shock and vibration solutions provider, internationally known in the defense segments.
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